19 de julho de 2010

Baths - Cerulean

320 kbps - 50m length - 115 Mb

As in his label's page:
Cerulean is the auspicious debut of L.A.'s Baths. Evolving out of Will Wiesenfeld's varied [Post-Foetus] project, and inspired by the energy of the city's burgeoning beat scene (Daedelus introduced Anticon to Baths), the record represents a clear departure from both – an often warm, acoustic-fueled electronic music that hews closer to the work of contemporaries like Toro Y Moi. By combining songwriting with self-sampling, raw musicianship with synthesized textures, and field recordings with propulsive beats, Baths has created a seething sound-cloud packed with bright moments and prone to unexpected turns.
What a sweet surprise this album is. I've had no idea what it was about, just played. And I fell in love with it in the first beat. A electronic pop with some chillwave on it, its the most delicious (if you can use that adjective to describe an album) album to hear of the year. Its sweet, happy, romantic, dense, lovely. Baths vocal (all the voices that you hear belongs to him) sometimes high-pitched, sometimes sweet, sometimes tense are amazing, as is all the lyrics in the album. And the samples are perfectly put in the songs.
Really, I haven't enjoyed an album that much since The National's High Violet in May. Which I will post, someday.
Ah, I have no idea why, the "version" that I uploaded has two more songs that the "official" release. Well, I don't think you're gonna complain for having two more amazing songs... So, enjoy!
You can WILL buy it here, or maybe here.

  1. Apologetic Shoulder Blades
  2. Lovely Bloodflow
  3. Maximalist
  4. Rafting Starlit Everglades
  5. Aminals (no, this isn't wrong) (personal favorite and the happiest song of the year)
  6. Indoorsy
  7. You're My Excuse To Travel
  8. Rain Smell
  9. Seaside Town
  10. Mecha Joy
  11. Palatial Disappointment
  12. Departure
  13. Hall