14 de julho de 2010

Sam Amidon - I See The Sign

256 VBR - 42m length - 74 Mb
 With the word, Pitchfork's review:
Sam Amidon's idea of recomposition-- of excavating Appalachian folksongs; rearranging, repurposing, and creating a dissociation that feels uniquely contemporary-- isn't exactly unprecedented. [...] That's part of what folk music is, and does. What separates Amidon from the scrum of revivalists and archivists is how modern these renditions are. I See the Sign, Amidon's third folk LP, doesn't contain any original tracks, but his interpretations are so singular; [...] Amidon grew up singing folk music in Brattleboro, Vermont; his parents were members of the Word of Mouth chorus, a community choir which performed sacred harp hymns in the 1970s. Culturally, folk music is inextricably linked to the south (and Appalachia in particular), but rural Vermont has birthed its fair share of traditional strummers (pick up Margaret MacArthur's Folksongs of Vermont for an impeccable primer). Amidon inhabits these songs comfortably, with an ease that belies a childhood spent with a fiddle in one hand and a banjo in the other.
I recommend to read the whole review, easier to understand who he is, his influences and the wonderful thing that is his music.

  1. How Come That Blood [live video]
  2. Way Go Lily
  3. You Better Mind
  4. I See The Sign
  5. Johanna The Row-di
  6. Pretty Fair Damsel
  7. Kedron [video]
  8. Rain and Snow
  9. Climbing High Mountain
  10. Relief
  11. Red