18 de julho de 2010

RPA & The United Nations of Sound - RPA & The United Nations of Sound

192 kbps - 55m length - 77 Mb
This is the newest release by Richard Ashcroft, the famous singer-songwriter who was Verve's vocalist and had a very successful solo career. To you see how amazing this guy is, since 1997 he has put FIVE consecutives albums in the UK Top 3 album charts. If you don't remember him ('cause I'm sure you know him), see videos for Bitter Sweet Symphony and Music Is Power.
As in Wikipedia:
[...] . The new sound seems to emulate many of Richard's influences described over the years in interviews and seems to close a circle for his solo career. Strings, rap beats, rock-guitar-riffs, voice-loops, ballads and heroic-choir-anthems are the core of the album's sound with Ashcroft's craft for pop tunes and unique melody-making. Also found in the songs are the ever-present religious lyrics for Richard, although here in fuller form.
You can pre-order it here. And you really should. GREAT album.
  1. Are You Ready? [video]
  2. Born Again
  3. America
  4. This Thing Called Life
  5. Beatitudes
  6. Good Loving
  7. How Deep Is Your Man
  8. She Brings Me The Music
  9. Royal Highness
  10. Glory
  11. Life Can Be So beautiful
  12. Let My Soul Rest