8 de julho de 2010

Heaven & Hell - The Devil You Know

Well... this one is SPECIAL. One of my personal favourites Heavy Metal albums of EVERY collection that I have here. And I'm FANATIC for Judas Priest. The Devil You Know is the ONLY Studio release from the project Heaven & Hell, which is formed by an earlier Sabbath's line up, also known as the EPIC "Dio-Era". Yes kids, Ronnie James Dio is here for your joy and happiness (not as a ghost)! I think that explains what makes this album so special, huh :D
Sorry old Sabbath's veterans, but no Ozzy here this time either...
Personal song recomendation: BIBLE BLACK!


  1. Atom and Evil
  2. Fear
  3. Bible Black
  4. Double the Pain
  5. Rock and Roll Angel
  6. The Turn of the Screw
  7. Eating the Cannibals
  8. Follow the Tears
  9. Neverwhere
  10. Breaking into Heaven