20 de julho de 2010

Color of Clouds - Satellite of Love

256 VBR - 44m length - 94 Mb
  As in their MySpace:
Indie-folk outfit Color of Clouds hails from Brooklyn and Queens, New York. The group is essentially a songwriting duo, made up of singer Kelli Scarr, who appears on the Roots single 'Birthday Girl', as well as on several tracks on Moby's latest record, and producer Dan Chen, who co-writes with Nicole Atkins, Natalie Walker, and Ivana XL, to name a few.
A perfect combination of Kelli's angelical voice with a indie-folk-electronic instrumental that works wonderfully with her voice.
You can buy it here and here.

  1. Brother
  2. Wonder
  3. Satellite of Love
  4. Left You
  5. Lullysome
  6. The Look
  7. I Want You
  8. Haunts Me (acoustic) [video]
  9. Let Go
  10. Cinderella
  11. Come Back to Me