8 de julho de 2010

El Perro del Mar - Love Is Not Pop

192 kbps - 33m length - 53 Mb
El Perro del Mar is the alias of Sarah Assbring, a Swedish girl who crafts sweet songs about love, desilusions, break-ups, missing the loved one, in a delicate and gentle way. The album isn't sad, it's melancholic and beautiful, since she's a very skilled songwriter and sings in calm and tender way, that suits perfectly with the album's mood. I also love the title, "love is not pop", it's not a question, there's no doubt on it, it's a statement: love is not easy, love is not to everyone, not everyone can or will enjoy it.
I really like this album a lot, one of the best musical surprises that I had last year. I've put a "bonus song", a remix of Change of Heart made by Rakamonie, a.k.a. Robyn.
You can buy it here, here and here.

  1. Gotta Get Smart
  2. Change of Heart [video]
  3. L Is For Love
  4. Let Me In
  5. Heavenly Arms (this is a Lou Reed's cover) [live video]
  6. Is It Something (To Have Wept For)
  7. A Better Love
  8. Bonus song: Change of Heart (Rakamonie Remix)