14 de julho de 2010

SayCet - Through The Window

256 VBR - 47m length - 95 Mb
As in his the MySpace:
Saycet is the project of Pierre Lefeuvre, a french music composer hailing from Paris who cut his teeth listening to Boards of Canada and Múm. [...] Now joined by vocalist Phoene Somsavath who brought her delicate signature, Saycet embraces vivid arrangements and crafts a brand of experimental pop. With discrete vocal samples that breeze in and vanish, waltzing melodies, layered keyboards and detailed electronics, Saycet takes the listener on a timeless journey. The one-year-long collaboration has given birth to a second album to be released THIS year.
Such a beautiful album, it's smooth and relaxing, great ambient/downtempo electronic. The ideal kind of music to close your eyes and forget all that bothers you.

You can buy it here and here.

  1. 15
  2. Easy [video]
  3. Bruyère [video]
  4. Opal
  5. Her Movie
  6. We Walk Fast
  7. And Mama Said: "It's Amazing"
  8. Sunday Morning
  9. Daddy Walks Under The Snow
  10. Fireflies
  11. Kien-Lang
  12. A Night With Trees