10 de julho de 2010

Die Antwoord - $O$

320 VBR - 67m length - 133 Mb

Die Antwoord is one the weirdest bands that I like. Most of the time I really don't like rap, but those guys do something different (which I'm not sure of what it is) that is trully amazing!
In their Enter the Ninja video, Ninja describes them as a mix of a lot of cultures (as is South Africa, from where they came) and people, such as whites, blacks, afrikaans, all "fucked into one person". Their sound incorporates a lot of the zef culture, a "South African slang term that decribes a unique South African style which is modern and trashy and also includes out-of-date, discarded cultural and style elements."¹. The trio is Ninja, Yo-Landi Vi$$er and DJ Hi-Tek.
See the videos and (try to) understand about the zef side. You can also go to their site and try to figure out something at the secret chamber and read the bio, haha!

  1. Whatever Man
  3. Enter The Ninja [video]
  4. Wat Pomp (feat. Jack Parow) [video]
  5. Wie Maak Die Jol Vol (Feat. Isaac Mutant, Knoffel, Jaak Paarl & Scallywag)
  6. Rich Bitch [live video]
  7. I Don't Need You
  8. Very Fancy
  9. Dagga Puff
  10. My Best Friend (Feat. The Flying Dutchman AKA Neo Sa)
  11.  Liewe Maatjies
  12. $copie
  13. Beat Boy
  14. Super Evil
  15. Doos Dronk (Feat. Jack Parow & Fokofpoliciekar)
  16. $O$
  17. Jou Ma Se Poes 'N Fish Paste Jar