14 de julho de 2010

Hybrid - Disappear Here

320 kbps - 70m length - 160 Mb
  As in Wikipedia:
Hybrid is a British electronic music group based in Swansea, comprising Mike Truman and Chris Healings, with the addition of Charlotte James completing their 2010 lineup. They are primarily known as a progressive breaks act, although they overlap considerably with progressive house and trance. Over the years the duo have become pioneers of the electronic genre, and have produced three studio albums, all garnering critical acclaim. A fourth studio album, Disappear Here, was released on March 29th 2010.
  1. Empire
  2. Can You Hear Me
  3. Green Shell Suit
  4. Disappear Here
  5. Every Word
  6. The Formula of Fear
  7. City Siren (Reprise)
  8. Salt
  9. Original Sin
  10. Take a Fall
  11. Break My Soul
  12. Numb