20 de julho de 2010

Emmanuelle Seigner - Dingue

320 kbps - 36m length - 83 Mb
She's an actress, singer and a former model. As an actress, she's been praised by her roles in The Diving Bell and the Butterfly and Frantic. Her singing career started in 2006, when she joined forces with the duo Ultra Orange, becomming Ultra Orange and Emmanuelle. They've released one album, self-titled, in 2007. Personally, I loved their album, it's was a raw pop-rock with beautiful melodies and her sexy vocal.
This is her first solo effort, with a style-change, since this album has more pop than rock on it. I liked it, Iggy Pop does a duo with her in La dernière pluie, my favourite with Dingue. But, being honest, I much prefer her work with Ultra Orange.
You can buy it here.

  1. Dingue [video]
  2. Le fantomê
  3. Le jour parfait [video]
  4. Jamais d'autres que moi
  5. Alone a Barcelone
  6. La dernière pluie (en duo avec Iggy Pop) [studio video]
  7. P'tite pédale
  8. Femme fatale
  9. Emmanuelle
  10. Qui êtes-vous? (en duo avec Roman Polanski)
  11. Autant's aimer autant