19 de julho de 2010

Gotan Project - Tango 3.0

192 VBR - 44m length - 59 Mb
Tango Project is an album released in 1982, by a assemble of American musicians that came together to release a tango album. This album ressuscited the tango, popularizing it again in the whole world. Their rendition of Carlos Gardel's Por Una Cabeza was very successful, being used in a lot of movies, but is instantly recognized by its use in the emblematic dance-scene of Scent of a Woman, in which a blind Al Pacino dances gracefully with Gabrielle Anwar.
Phillip Cohen Solal, a French, Eduardo Makaroff, an Argentine, and Christopher H. Müller, a Swiss, decided to pay a tribute to this famous project that had brought tango to mainstream again and made a play with the word Tango. They then became Gotan Project. Mixing electronic music (such as beats and samples) with the classic tango, they do the called tango nuevo.
This is their fourth album, and they're still amazing and inventive.

  1. Tango Square
  2. Rayuela
  3. Desilusión
  4. Peligro
  5. La Gloria
  6. Mil Millones
  7. Tu Misterio
  8. De Hombre a Hombre
  9. El Mensajero
  10. Panamericana
  11. Érase Una Vez